Tutor/Mentor Program

Currently more than 25 employees serve as tutor/mentors to East Millbrook Students in Raleigh, NC. In addition to meeting with their students for a hour each week to focus on academic and personal growth, these employees take students on outings, meet their parents and have even paid for field trips for students who were unable to do so.

Business Alliance

East Millbrook enjoys one of the most successful business alliances in Wake County, and is often used as the middle school model for schools beginning alliances. Closure has been instrumental in the creation and success of the business alliance at East Millbrook. Two employees, William Heard and Mike Hoban, were founding members of the alliance and are now entering their fourth year as leaders of this group. Mr. Heard served as vice chair for the 2002-03 school year and is currently chair, while Mr. Hoban is serving his third term as a business alliance leader, as the past chair.

For the past 3 years, Closure has hosted 12 students each year for Groundhog Job Shadow Day. These students are treated to a full view of what happens each day at Closure Medical Corporation. They spend time in each department: marketing, human resources, accounting, research and development, and even get to conduct a lab experiment in the clean room.

Closure also helped create the annual 6th grade career event, Careers Behind the Cars and Cycles, and more than 20 employees participate in the daylong activity each year. Also, more than 10 Closure employees participate in the annual 7th grade career event, Careers and You. Mr. Heard was one of the originators of this event, which boasts a game show, complete with full-size Jeopardy set, and small group talks with various career professionals.

Several Closure employees have volunteered as classroom speakers or partners. Two employees whose native languages are French and Spanish served as panelists discussing how second languages are used in many professions. Employees have evaluated mock job applications for the Exploring Life Skills class, assisted students in producing a resume, and talked with various classes about the value of education and its impact on the future.

Closure sponsored a team of art students for the Raleigh Street Art Festival, an annual event where East Millbrook students have won first place for 3 years. Due to cutbacks in arts budgets, our participation was in jeopardy until Closure offered the financial sponsorship.

Closure is a company with a highly diverse cultural population; the student mix at EMMMS closely mirrors that of the company. And, Closure, recognizing the school's high number of students eligible for free and reduced lunch, and its unusually high number of single parent households, sees that this school is in need of the kind of support that Closure can provide. Closure Medical partners with 11 other businesses that comprise the East Millbrook Business Alliance to achieve the goals set by the alliance and to improve the educational opportunities for students at East Millbrook.

It is my personal belief that East Millbrook enjoys its reputation as a high quality middle school in Wake County, in part, because of its relationship with Closure Medical.

David Ansbacher, Principal
East Millbrook Magnet Middle School