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BAND-AID® Brand Liquid Bandage
BAND-AID® Brand Liquid Bandage Skin Crack Gel
Orabase® SOOTHE-N-SEAL® Canker Sore Relief

BAND-AID® Brand Liquid Bandage
Discover the ultimate liquid bandage: it stays on better than ordinary bandages, even on those hard-to-cover places. Liquid Bandage has a no-sting formula that dries quickly and forms a clear, flexible, breathable seal that is 100% waterproof. It stops minor bleeding and minor pain instantly, while keeping out water, dirt, and germs.

Liquid Bandage is non-toxic and completely safe for use even on small children. It can be used on minor cuts, scrapes, and abrasions. Liquid Bandage will gradually wear off over the course of several days as the wound heals. There is no need to remove it.

While we recommend Liquid Bandage for use wherever you might use an ordinary bandage, people have found that Liquid Bandage works particularly well on minor cuts for active people (the weekend athlete, the Little Leaguer) since it can be used quickly and forms a flexible seal,
paper cuts (it can seal off surface nerve endings and relieve minor pain instantly), and minor cuts in areas that may be awkward for a regular bandage. Since Liquid Bandage is waterproof, it is an ideal way to seal minor cuts on hands exposed to water.

To learn more about BAND-AID® Brand Liquid Bandage, visit the site:

BAND-AID® Brand Liquid Bandage Skin Crack Gel
BAND-AID® Brand Liquid Bandage Skin Crack Gel was designed to treat painful skin cracks, a common ailment among customers in the winter months. The Liquid Bandage Skin Crack Formula Gel is thicker than the original Liquid Bandage so it allows for precision application on the fingertips, fills in and protects painful skin cracks and helps them heal fast. Just like the original BAND-AID® Brand Liquid Bandage, it reduces minor pain and stops minor bleeding instantly. Introduced in January 2004, Skin Crack Gel is the first line extension for the original BAND-AID® Brand Liquid Bandage.

To learn more about BAND-AID® Brand Liquid Bandage Skin Crack Gel, visit the site:

Orabase® SOOTHE-N-SEAL® Canker Sore Relief
Available in drug stores across the United States levitra cialis and viagra, Orabase® SOOTHE-N-SEAL® canker sore relief is a liquid adhesive that provides instant pain relief for canker sores and small cuts in the mouth. The liquid adhesive creates a seal over the canker sore that prevents it from coming in contact with food, drink, and other irritants. An application of SOOTHE-N-SEAL® adhesive provides relief from pain for several hours.

To learn more about SOOTHE-N-SEAL® canker sore relief, visit this site: www.colgate.soothe-n-seal.


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