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Consumers: FAQs

You mention a lot of products, but when I see them, I notice they are packaged under the names Johnson & Johnson or Colgate. Why is that?
Closure Medical manufactures DERMABOND adhesive, BAND-AID® Brand Liquid Bandage and Orabase® SOOTHE-N-SEAL® product, but has marketing and distribution agreements with other companies to help sell and distribute them. That’s why their names appear on the packaging. If you look very closely, you’ll see our name mentioned, too.

How does a Liquid Adhesive Bandage work any differently from an ordinary bandage?
Liquid Bandage acts as superior protection against water, dirt, and germs. In fact, it’s waterproof. It stops minor bleeding and minor pain instantly. And because it is a flexible film, it stays in place on parts of the body that bend or move or are otherwise awkward for traditional bandages.

How can Liquid Bandage stop minor bleeding?
Liquid Bandage is a liquid when you apply it, but it sets quickly (in moments, actually) to form a protective seal over the wound. That seal stops the bleeding.

How can Liquid Bandage reduce minor pain?
Liquid Bandage seals off surface nerve endings, reducing minor pain instantly. It may not reduce all types of pain (for example, it may not work on severe nail breaks). But it is very effective at stopping the pain associated with paper cuts and many other types of small cuts.

What types of cuts would be suitable for using Liquid Bandage?
To determine if you should use Liquid Bandage, use the same judgment as you would when applying a regular bandage. If the surface area of the cut or scrape is very large or the wound is very deep, then consult a physician. If the cut bleeds a lot, get the bleeding under control before applying Liquid Bandage. Do not use Liquid Bandage for burns, infected wounds, very deep or very large wounds, puncture wounds, or animal bites; see your doctor.

Does Liquid Bandage or SOOTHE-N-SEAL® canker sore relief sting when it’s applied?

How does SOOTHE-N-SEAL® adhesive work?
SOOTHE-N-SEAL® is applied inside the mouth, directly over the canker sore or other injury. It immediately seals off the nerve endings, providing instant relief from pain. In addition, it creates a flexible seal that prevents the sore from being irritated by food or drink.

Can a person still eat and drink after using SOOTHE-N-SEAL®?
Yes. Once SOOTHE-N-SEAL® sets (in a matter of moments), you can eat or drink as you normally would.

How long does SOOTHE-N-SEAL® last?
While individual results will vary, most people get up to six hours of relief with one application. SOOTHE-N-SEAL® may be reapplied as often as necessary.

Can you use SOOTHE-N-SEAL® on a cut inside the mouth as well?
Yes, SOOTHE-N-SEAL® works to cover and seal off any type of small injury or sore in the mouth.

What other products does Closure Medical make?
Closure Medical makes other medical adhesive devices for physician and veterinary use. We make DERMABOND topical wound closure products, Nexaband® adhesives for animals, and we are working on a new platform including a vascular sealant and other surgical adhesives.

Will we be seeing more new products from Closure Medical in the drug store?
Closure Medical is currently working on expanding its product lines. Our scientists are constantly inventing, improving and refining products which we hope to make widely available as soon as possible.


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