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Consumers: Our Technologies

Our vision at Closure Medical Corporation is to revolutionize healing, and we know that many of life’s injuries occur close to home. That’s why our vision has always included products for the first-aid kit and the medicine cabinet. Although these products may seem ordinary, they derive from the same extraordinary technologies as the medical devices you can find at the hospital or your doctor’s office.

Our medical adhesives are non-toxic, flexible, and set quickly. Our unique technologies are based on special formulations of materials known to chemists as cyanoacrylates. In chemists’ terms, these adhesives are monomers (a type of molecule) under normal conditions, but they can react and change into polymers (a more complex type of molecule). When the monomer changes into a polymer, it forms a very tough but thin film. This thin polymer film not only forms a strong adhesive bond, it is also flexible and waterproof, yet wears off naturally over the course of several days. This film is “breathable” but studies have shown that it acts as a microbial barrier, keeping out germs associated with skin infections.

Different formulations of this adhesive film have allowed us to create products as different as BAND-AID® Brand Liquid Adhesive Bandage, SOOTHE-N-SEAL® canker sore relief for use inside the mouth, and DERMABOND Topical Skin Adhesive for use by physicians. In fact, variations on this original formula may one day be used for many other applications, including use by surgeons inside the body.

We at Closure Medical see many exciting ways our technologies can be used. In fact, virtually every medical specialty could benefit from a special liquid adhesive to promote healing.



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